Booth Location Strategies

Everyone has their own reasons for believing that a certain location might be better (by the entrance! To the right of the main door! By the bathrooms!) but most are based solely on anecdotal evidence; the worst kind.

In the years I’ve been working with trade shows I’ve had the time and opportunity to evaluate how a booth’s location impacts the success or failure of a company.

The conclusion(s) we’ve come to are:

  1. There’s zero correlation between location and memorability.
  2. If the correlation is not zero, its impact is vastly overshadowed by other factors.

Simply put: location is one of the least important elements that affect how successful your trade show appearance will be.

What are the most important, then?

  1. Do more marketing before the show to the right potential clients so they know (and want) to come see you.
  2. Integrate your booth number and location more tightly into your pre-show marketing.
  3. Make sure that all relevant pre-show marketing efforts include a map of your location (with your spot clearly marked) to make it as easy for people to find you.
  4. Make your booth as visually attractive and inviting as possible.
  5. Make the most out of everybody who walks by with a trained professional who is an expert at drawing crowds in a fun, memorable, and positive way. (That’s our speciality!)

If you still believe that one location is better than the other, give us a call. We’ll help you make the most out of where you are, and demonstrate that proper in-booth engagement strategies can make a far bigger impact on the success of your trade show appearance.

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