How We Help

Before The Show

Strategy: We help you figure out the best way to tweak your booth for maximum effect by orchestrating email & social media approaches to improve visibility leading up to the show.

Staff Training: You’re sending your best sales people, so you’re off to a great start. A trade show booth environment, however, is a completely different creature than a one on one conversation so we help empower your booth staff to make the most out of your opportunity.

Custom Messaging: We work with your sales, marketing, and executive teams to clarify your messaging for the event. We help protect you by preventing “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome. If you have planned a single exhibit, then you know what we’re talking about. . .

During The Show

Attract: 99% of booth managers choose passive strategies. Giveaways, swag, and demos rely on attendees deciding to come over. Our approach, however, is to increase your visibility & proactively invite people to the booth. The result? Lots of people crowded around your booth.

Engage: Now that we have a crowd, it’s our job to keep them! The longer they stay at your booth the more they learn about how you can help them (and the less time they’re spending with your competition). Our business presentation is the perfect balance of entertainment & information about your business leads to the next step.

Qualify: Separate the great leads from the time-wasters. The result is that you are filling your calendars with the highest quality prospects possible.

After The Show

Debrief: What worked? What didn’t work? What can we do better next time? We help you diagnose more opportunities for success.

Conversations: Since we did a good job at the show, your team should have a calendar booked full with well qualified leads and very few (if any) poor matches for you. The result? Massive savings on your cost of acquisition by limiting time invested on bad matches!

Done For You Closing: In rare instances some of our clients want our team to be their team, and we work as the sales closers for the opportunities generated while at the show. If that’s you, we can make it work!

Let’s Talk

So, if you’re planning an exhibit, let’s chat sooner rather than later because the earlier we talk the more opportunity we have to help you avoid costly mistakes & make the valuable choices.