We have one goal: help our clients get more business from their trade show exhibits & booths.


Working tightly with the sales & marketing teams to develop a custom scripted corporate-friendly in-booth presentation that will attract attendees, engage them in a fun way, and seamlessly integrate your marketing message into the experience.


Clients consistently tell us that they’re getting three or four times as many high quality leads from trade shows after working with us. It’s a system that works.


Our specialists are all highly skills presenters who love what they do, and are phenomenal at it. They can present twice an hour for hours at a time. It’s tough work, but it’s what they love.


We’re the best because we work with the best. Our clients recognize that trade shows are one of the best ways to discover new business opportunities in the shortest amount of time. No matter how digital the world gets, there’s nothing that can match the power of meeting in person, and having fun. Once they see what we can do, more than 80% of our clients wind up inviting us to help them at all their shows.