ROI Tradeshows

More leads. More business. Guaranteed.

Raise your hand if you're wondering how to get more out of your tradeshow booth! We can help.

We have a proven marketing strategy that regularly gets our clients 2 to 4x as much business from their exhibits than they’re used to. That means you can double or quadruple your return on investment with less time to value. Whether you are attending a show in Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas, or San Diego, we are your secret strategy to deliver your sales message in a fun, memorable, and meaningful way.

Here's the 3 step strategy:


Passive strategies simply don’t work anymore. Attendees are already overwhelmed, so you need a simple & friendly way to cut through the “conference fog.” Our proactive outreach lets people know this is worth their time, and they gather around.


As attention spans get shorter and shorter, you need a solution that keeps people at your booth long enough to learn how you can help their business succeed. Our custom-scripted presentation stops them in their tracks!


By the end of the presentation, everyone there understands why they need to have a chat with you after the show and they’re eager to connect with your sales team to schedule followup call. That means less wasted time after the show, too!

The Magic of Tradeshow Presenters

Why have a professional presenter in your booth? Simple: nothing else comes close to delivering the results you’re looking for. Our presenters specialize in captivating people walking the trade show floor. We refer to it as “infotainment.” We combine your most valuable marketing messaging with our dynamic 10 minute presentation to create a completely unique experience that qualifies & closes your ideal customers. Everyone walks away remember who you are, what you do, and that they loved you.

The “show” happens 2x an hour for every hour that the trade show exhibit hall is open. That means that every half hour you get a new influx of hot leads for your trade show sales team to talk with. This is how you’ll get more traffic than you’ve ever gotten, and how you’ll make the most out of peoples’ willingness to get back to in-person events.

Our strategy can’t be duplicated because nobody else can do what we do. That’s why 90%+ of our clients wind up having us attend multiple shows a year all over the world. They know that we make them look like rockstars to management, and we consistently deliver value above and beyond their most ambitious goals.

Let’s work together to make your next exhibit unforgettable.