Cutting Edge Lead Generation

The booth looks great, and so do your handouts.

So does everyone else’s and that’s why you want to stand out.

You want to do something different.

Remember this: Different isn’t always better, but better is almost always better.

Time and time again I see trade show managers trying anything and everything to drive traffic to the booth.

  • Petting zoos
  • Free coffee & cookies
  • Cheap plastic handouts
  • Loud spinning wheel sweepstakes
  • Unrelated promotions for medium ticket items
  • The list could go on forever

And what’s the problem?

They might get attention, but they don’t get the right attention!

Instead, you want something in the booth that can:

  1. Get the attention of attendees in a positive & professional way
  2. Deliver your marketing message in a way that attendees understand and can’t forget

Q: What checks those boxes?

A: A trade show presenter who is an expert at dynamic audience building and integrating messaging in a fun, professional, and authentic presentation.

That’s our speciality.

We’ve worked with companies in a variety of industries and we work closely with the trade show manager to create 100% custom experiences that can get you 3 to 4 times as many leads per show.

But it’s cutting edge!

It’s custom built interactive experiential design marketing, and it’s not something everyone is very familiar with.

That means they often go with the “we know about putt-putt so we’ll do that instead, thanks” strategy and lose out on an exhibit marketing strategy that is light years beyond the iPad raffle.

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