Beyond the Trade Show Booth

You’ve registered the booth, printed all the hand-outs, set up the staging, and your sales representatives are ready to scan badges.

So is every other company there. How do you plan to compete?

Plan A Hospitality Suite

This might be the perfect opportunity to think about having a secondary party / event scheduled during the trade show where you can invite clients you already know, or the very important prospective (VIP) clients.

Not Just Any Hospitality Suite

Most people, when they think of a hospitality suite, think of something along these lines:

“Welcome to our suite. Over here is the shrimp cocktail and beer that you can have while our sales people will gang up on you and talk about the latest and greatest developments in our industry.”

~Marketing Director

It’s a very transactional dynamic that might work for some businesses, but there’s a better way that works for most.

Off Broadway Level Show

Instead of having a simple cattle-call where everyone stands around awkwardly making chit-chat what if you invited your VIP clients to an exclusive invite-only ticketed event that is specifically designed to entertain them and (unobtrusively) educate them on what makes your company the obvious choice?

It would be awesome! That’s what!

The Benefits

  • Easier to keep track of who shows up (their tickets are required to attend and they’re uniquely coded).
  • It’s different, and that’s good (everyone does the cocktail/beer combo. Nobody thinks of putting on a show).
  • Make higher quality connections (The perceived value is that you went above and beyond to create something unique for your friends & guests).
  • Price competitive (Food & drink can get expensive. Setting up a show can be comparable if not cheaper!)

Let’s Chat About It

If this idea is interesting to you, let’s talk about how we can make it happen for your next event.

There are a lot of other benefits we can cover in a quick phone call to see if it would be a good solution for you, so hop on a call and we can connect there.

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