Who Needs More From Their Tradeshow?

Here’s What It Looks Like When We Do What We Do

I would like to take a moment to thank you for doing such an incredible job for us at the show this year. We are extremely pleased with your ability to draw such a large crowd and capture their attention all while incorporating our product messages into your demonstrations. The transition from you to the presenter was seamless. I don't know how we would have pulled this off without you. You were definitely a show stopper! I have received several compliments on your performance from our staff, attendees, and even other exhibitors! Thank you for making the theater presentations so successful. I look forward to working with you again on future shows.
You promised. You delivered -- and how! Even the skeptics have been raving about what you did for us at our national convention. You said you would bring in the crowds, and you did. You said you would incorporate our company and products into your presentation, and you did. . . seamlessly! You said you would impress us so much that we'd want you back, and you did. . . and we do! That alone is proof of your value to us. We are not known for "repeats" -- claiming instead to always want something new and fresh, but in your case- we're willing to bet that even those who saw you at the show this year will want to see you again next year You are good! I especially appreciated the way you blended with our own people, giving the impression you were "one of us." In fact, you WERE one of us! I had a number of our staff take me aside and ask how you came to know so much about us as a company, and about our products. We are certain that one of the reasons so many people entered our booth was because you piqued their interest in our products during your presentation. We want you to have the enclosed token of our appreciation. It's a replica of our best selling product in the US. But you already knew that! It was made by our team right here in the US. But you probably already knew that, too. It's something we don't give away freely -- that you didn't know -- and that makes this a collector's item. Thanks again. See you again next year!

We deliver happy clients


After seeing results from our first engagement, our client recognized the opportunity to film the experience, and use it to generate interest with attendees before the show by sending emails beforehand.This video became a fun talking point, and a perfect excuse for our clients to engage with their leads before the show even began. Notice our senior marketing consultant, Danny, weaving our client’s messaging into his presentation in a fun, memorable, and professional manner that works.


I have been planning and organizing events for years. I know and understand not only the value, but also the difficulty, in getting participants to visit a tradeshow booth. There are usually two types of tradeshow visitors to any booth, customers and your competitors customers. Each company knows that their customers will come to the booth, talk and visit, but who you need to talk to is your competitors customer. Companies spend thousands of dollars every year, just for the opportunity to talk to their competitors' customers. You make it easy. You make it easy for us to talk to our competitors's loyal customers. Instead of just strolling down the aisle, avoiding eye contact with our sale staff, tradeshow participants actually seek out our booth! People see one of your shows and keep coming back every hour to see another. They tell their friends, co-workers, and strangers they meet in the food line about "this amazing guy at the booth". And, as they are watching you, you are not only entertaining them, but teaching them about our company, our employees, and our products. After each show, it is just natural for everyone to flow into our booth. And that is exactly what we want: Our competitors' customers in our booth! We sometimes even find our competitors sales staff in our booth because they are watching you! Because of the entertainment and product knowledge you provide, each dollar that we spend on tradeshows is even more effective. I thank you for your partnership and loyalty with us.
When we talked on the phone and you offered your service I highly doubted you. When I see Entertainers at Trade Shows they dance, scream, but do not do what I would call crowd drawing. My idea of drawing a crowd at a trade show is having pretty people standing there. I want to deeply thank you for convincing me to give you a shot, you told me that if you are no good I could send you home after the first few hours and would not owe you a penny. Let me tell you this, if I would have 10 models in my booth and you doing your show I would be with anybody that all eyes would be on you. You have increase the traffic on my booth extremely, you made sure that all the qualified buyers walking around would know about me, and they did. I never had so much qualified traffic on my booth. I am looking forward to working with you for many years.