IHRSA Conference

Miami June 22-24

Pricing: $17,300
First Time Discount: $9,300

Total: $8,000
Paid: $4,800
Remaining: $3,200

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In Booth Lead Generation

Helping you attract more business, qualify them, and deliver them to you to close for next steps.

If we help you land just one extra whitelabel partner of $200,000 then it’s a great win. And my aim is to give you 2 to 4x as many chances to make that happen.

Bonus Deliverables

Messaging Help

We’ll help you create a compelling one sentence elevator pitch that helps the right people understand what you do, who you help, and why they would want to work with you. This gives you the best chance of finding those $500k investors while avoiding 30 minute conversations in the booth that keep you from landing other business.


How can you get the most out of your time at the tradeshow? How do you make sure that the booth is doing what it should be doing? What can you do before & during the show to think “outside the booth” to find more opportunities. How do you make sure our system runs smoothly? We’ll teach you!

Preshow Interest

We’ll make an interactive promotional animation with voiceover that you can use to promote your appearance before the show. Perfect for LinkedIn visibility, email list subscribers, or lead magnet for website visitors.


There are two options:

  1. First is a 60% retainer of $4800 to lock in the date with the remaining 40% due before the show.
  2. The second is a single payment of $8000 to simplify billing & bookkeeping.

Option One

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Option Two

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